a picture of dad lion and his cub is on a shelf next to a vase
a watercolor painting of a lion holding a baby lion
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Dad and Baby Lion Watercolor Print
Male Lion and Cub Nursery Art
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Dad and Baby Lion Watercolor Print

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The dad and baby lion portrait of the father and cub sharing a quiet moment is perfect nursery décor for either boy or girl, or as a standalone piece.

Orientation: Vertical

Please note this size guide pertains to UNFRAMED prints and canvas. If you choose to add the frame, it will add approximately 1" on all sides of the artwork. (E.g., a 16"x20" print or canvas will become 18"x22")

Sizes vary depending on individual artwork. The following images provide examples of different size artwork as it would be unframed on the wall.

Art Size Guide

You can purchase your artwork in the following formats:

  • Paper Print (Unframed)
  • Framed Paper Print
  • Gallery Wrapped Canvas (Unframed)
  • Framed Gallery Wrapped Canvas 

Please see the images below for more details:

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