Although I try to use my own photography when I can, much of my work relies on the amazing talent and generosity of professional wildlife and conservation photographers. Their photographs allow me to get accurate anatomy and detail of each of my subjects in a much more in depth way than I could otherwise. These are a few of the photographers with whom I've had the honor of collaborating. 
Running Free Reference Photo by Jami Bollschweiler  

Michael Laubscher

IG: @michael.laubscherJohannesburg, South Africa
Nanai Reference Photo - Michael Laubscher  

Jan Pelcman

IG: @janpelcman Landscape and Animal Photographer Prague, Czech Republic
Jan Pelcman - Giraffes

Gabriela Staebler

Website Award winning National Geographic Wildlife Photographer Bavaria, Germany    
Gabriela Staebler - Lions  

Gabriel Lascu

Flickr Photographer with University of British Columbia Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Gabriel Lascu - Coati  

John Hyde

Website IG: @wild_things_photos Wildlife, landscape, outdoor recreation and conservation photographer Juneau, Alaska
John Hyde - Peregrine Falcon  

Edwin Butter

IG: @edwin_butter_fotografie Netherlands
Edwin Butter - Raven

Menno Schaefer

IG: @m.schaeferfotografie Netherlands
Puffin Reference Photo by Menno Schaefer  

Tazi Brown

website Netherlands
Snow Leopard Reference Photo by Tazi Brown

Michael Cummings


Dallas, TX, USA

Saw Whet Owl Reference Photo by Michael Cummings  

Ryan McCrady

Mockinbird Reference Photo by Ryan McCrady