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Nanai - A Samburu Legend - Reproduction Prints and Canvas

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"Nanai - A Samburu Legend" is a painting of Nanai - a very well-known lioness that was born about 15 years ago in Samburu. Nanai drew the love and attention of Ewaso Lions - a conservation group dedicated to conserving lions and other large carnivores by promoting coexistence between people and wildlife.

Nanai developed cancer and passed in May of 2023. This painting is a memorial to Nanai, as she had a huge impact on the landscape and the lion population, and the Ewaso team are all so grateful for every moment they had with her.  

It is my true honor to have painted Nanai. And although the original was sold through an auction, my greatest hope is that my painting continues to raise money for Ewaso Lions through these reproductions - (20% of profits will be donated to Ewaso). Ewaso Lions are passionate about their work and they have bridged gaps and built strong bonds within their communities to save and protect lions, while also protecting herders interests. 

Reference photo used with permission by Michael Laubscher - IG: @michael.laubscher

Options: Fine Art Paper Print or Framed Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Fine Art Paper Prints - Open Edition:

This option is for an unframed, unmatted 300gsm fine art paper print on 100% cotton rag,  semi-smooth (hot press) fine art and photography paper. It is archival, and acid-free.

  • Size Options: 11x14, 16x20 or 18x24
  • Comes unframed and with no mat. Professional Framing is highly suggested. If you want to purchase your print framed, please contact me via the contact form at the bottom of this page.
  • 11x14 shipped flat and 16x20 shipped in tube.

Framed Gallery Wrapped Canvas - Open Edition: 

This option features a thick, archival-grade polycotton-mix canvas that is carefully hand-stretched over kiln-dried pine stretcher bars and floated in a wood frame.

  • Size Options: 11x14, 16x20, 18x24, 24x30 or 30x40
  • Frame Color Options: Black, White, Oak, Antique Silver or Antique Gold.
  • Hanging Wire
  • Certificate of Authenticity will be mailed separately.

More about the Ewaso Lions and Lion Conservation:

More about Lion Conservation Status (from Ewaso Lion's website):

The African lion population has disappeared from 92% of their historical range*. It is estimated that there are between 20,000 to 30,000 lions remaining across the continent – down from perhaps 200,000 lions a hundred years ago. In Kenya, the national population now numbers less than 2,500 individuals.

The reduction in lion numbers in Kenya is primarily due to habitat loss and conflict with humans, typically when lions kill people’s livestock. More recent threats now include the development of large scale infrastructure projects, disease outbreaks and climate change leading to loss of prey.

Lions and other large carnivores are wide-ranging species, and designated protected areas are often not large enough to ensure their long-term survival. It is crucial, therefore, that conservation of these species, as well as their prey, is addressed throughout the landscape, which not only incorporates protected areas, but also the surrounding areas where local people live. Beyond this, the sense of ownership over wildlife, and their story and place within our landscape as Africans must be reclaimed.

Ewaso Lions was formed to ensure a future for lions and other large carnivores in northern Kenya. Ewaso Lions uses scientific research and community-based outreach programmes to promote coexistence between lions and people.

(*Stolton, S. and Dudley, N. 2019. The New Lion Economy. Unlocking the value of lions and their landscapes, Equilibrium Research, Bristol, UK.)

Please note this size guide pertains to UNFRAMED prints and canvas. If you choose to add the frame, it will add approximately 1" on all sides of the artwork. (E.g., a 16"x20" print or canvas will become 18"x22")

Sizes vary depending on individual artwork. The following images provide examples of different size artwork as it would be unframed on the wall.

Art Size Guide

You can purchase your artwork in the following formats:

  • Paper Print (Unframed)
  • Framed Paper Print
  • Gallery Wrapped Canvas (Unframed)
  • Framed Gallery Wrapped Canvas 

Please see the images below for more details:

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