Kangaroo Joey Painting Inspired by a Visit to the Zoo

Baby Kangaroo Animal PrintRecently, my husband and I took our son to see his grandparents in Nashville, Tennessee. Although I'm not a huge fan of zoos, we visited the Nashville Zoo during the visit. As far as zoos go, the Nashville Zoo is really lovely, and in general, the animals seem very well taken care of and comfortable.

When we visited, a new exhibit had just opened showcasing kangaroos. Never having been to Australia, I've always been fascinated with kangaroos. They have such personalities, and while there, we learned so many interesting things about them. For instance, when the Joey is born, it is the size of a lima bean and crawls up into the mother's pouch where it then nurses and grows for almost another year. So crazy!

To me, as I was doing the portrait, I found an interesting similarity in the face as to a Hare. A chiseled face, with a sweet expression. I just loved doing this piece!

Anyway, this visit gave me inspiration to paint a Joey. I took some photos, and have shared them here, as well as, the final kangaroo joey painting!

The painting comes in 5x7, 8.5x11, 11x14, 13x19 or 16x20. Purchase Here.

Hope you enjoy!

Joey Looking Around Joey Peeking Out Mom And Joey Eating

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