The Raccoon Art Watercolor that Surprised Me

Sleeping Baby Raccoon Animal PrintAs an artist, you are often conflicted as you go through the process of creation. You may have moments when you feel as though the creativity and talent is flowing through you like a spring river and your newest creation is a virtual masterpiece, while at other times, you may look at your artwork and think you are a total shlock artist. When I started this piece, I felt strongly the latter.

I've struggled with raccoons as subjects because I seem to belabor over the raccoon's facial features for what seems like, too long. So much so, when I started this raccoon watercolor, I abandoned it completely, thinking it wasn't salvageable. A few days later, I returned to it, only to find that I WAS able to salvage it and get something out of it that I liked. And now, it is one of my favorite pieces.

When looking for inspirational photography, I am always drawn to those photographs that make the animal seem approachable and endearing, no matter how ferocious or negative their reputation. This pose, in particular, made me want to curl up with the raccoon and take a nap.

The little foot dangling off the tree, and the teeniest part of his tongue sticking out of his mouth made him that much cuter.

The sleeping raccoon comes in 5x7, 8.5x11, 11x14 and 13x19. It is a wonderful addition to my "Woodland" and "Sleeping beauties" collections!

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