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How to Choose Nursery Art You’ll Love

How to Choose Nursery Art You’ll Love

June 25, 2014

Ocean Nursery ArtWhen I was pregnant, one of the things I took the greatest pleasure in was designing and decorating our nursery. Even though we didn’t know if we were having a boy or girl, we wanted animals to be part of the theme. Both my husband and I love nature and wildlife, and it was important for us to share that with our little one.

At first, I had the idea that I would paint a mural in his or her room. But my mom wisely pointed out that a mural; although a great idea in theory, couldn’t be taken with us if we wanted to move (which we did). Another idea I liked was to put up vinyl stickers of animals and trees on the walls, and if we chose to move, we could take them with us and put them up in our new home. But, I quickly realized that those too, were less than permanent and would be taken down at some point and would have to be thrown out.

Truth be told, I’m a minimalist who prefers the “less is more” approach to life, and collecting is not something I’m prone to do. But, when it came to my child’s nursery, something inspired me to take a longer-term view in choosing nursery décor. I wanted to select nursery art that my child could grow with beyond his first few years, and possibly hold onto, and reuse in their own children’s nurseries. That was when I knew I had to create nursery art that could be kept and protected over the years.

Decorating your nursery or your child’s room can be a joyous and fun experience. Yet, many people tell me that it can be an overwhelming process. I can sympathize: there is so much out there from which to choose!

When it comes to choosing nursery art you and your little one will love, consider the following:

  1. Look to Inspire: Children are naturally drawn to art and imagery of all types, and are curious and fascinated with colors and patterns. Children are most inspired by things that have real-world reference, especially things they find in their own environment and in nature. For instance, if you choose woodland nursery art, your child may be inspired and light up when they see foxes, rabbits, squirrels or raccoons in your backyard. And, if you’re excited at the prospect of your little one reading and counting, there’s no reason your nursery art can’t be attractive and educational. Look for high quality alphabet art prints or prints with numbers.
  2. Duration of Appreciation: Your baby is a baby for a very short period of time, so choosing nursery art that can grow with your baby (and you) and can be appreciated for the longer-term may be a better investment than purchasing nursery art that will only appeal in the short-term.
  3. Longevity: Will you mind if the nursery art you choose needs to be thrown out or painted over when your kids get older or you move? Or are you more of a sentimentalist who wants your nursery art to have value beyond the here and now? If you tend to fall into the latter category, choose high-quality nursery art prints that can be framed, protected and stored when not in use and that don’t have to be discarded when you move or redecorate. Choose high-quality prints that use archival inks to avoid fading. When framing, look for UV protective glass so that the nursery art or prints don’t fade. And of course, keep nursery art out of direct sunlight.
  4. Style: Your child is going to love whatever you put on their walls, so always pick pieces you love yourself. The style should reflect your taste and what you are drawn to naturally. For instance, if you prefer realistic imagery versus cartoons, steer clear of vector illustrations and look for watercolors, photographs or other type of artwork that depicts more realistic scenes and images. Or, if you tend to like simple pieces, avoid choosing those that are overly ornate or complicated. If you go with your own style, you’ll enjoy your baby’s nursery art as much as they will.
  5. Color: Gone are the days when pink and blue are the go-to colors for nursery art and décor. There are so many beautiful colors you can integrate into your space. If you don’t know if you’ll be having a boy or a girl, it is a perfect opportunity to go with a gender-neutral pallet. Some colors to consider: beige, tangerine, light gray and sage green. They are all soft colors that can make a nursery feel warm and beautiful, and will appeal to boy or girl alike.
  6. Personalize: Once your baby is born, a wonderful piece of nursery art that can become a special keepsake is a piece that is customized just for them. For instance, have their name turned into a piece of wall art. Or, have a custom piece made detailing their birth as a birth announcement art piece.

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Now, I’d love to hear from you! In the comments below, tell me how you hope to or have found your perfect nursery art. Do you or did you use any other considerations to help you in choosing your perfect nursery art?

Be as specific as possible, as your experience may help another person find nursery art they love!

As always, thank you so much for reading! And please make sure to share with those you think could benefit from today’s post!




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