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International Tiger Day: What You Can Do To Help Raise Awareness

DaVinciLions and tigers, and well, big cats in general, are a huge favorite in our household. Although we were always dog people, three little cats adopted our family, and soon enough, we became cat people, too. Although we've had a good mix of colors -- orange, white and black -- I've always been drawn to orange Tabbies because of their similar look to lions, and black and orange Tabbies because of their similar look to the tiger. As a matter of fact, we just adopted a little tiger of our own from the shelter recently - DaVinci.

Today marks International Tiger Day, which is held annually on July 29 to draw attention to the dwindling number of these magnificent creatures currently found in the wild. The idea for a Tiger Day was developed in 2010 at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit in response to the shocking news that 97% of all wild tigers had disappeared in the last century. Bordering on extinction, only an estimated 3,000 tigers today are thought to be roaming free throughout Asia.

Many factors have caused this tremendous decline, including habitat loss, climate change, hunting and poaching. Tiger Day aims to protect and expand their habitats and raise awareness of the need for conservation. Many international organizations are involved in the day, including the WWF, the IFAW, National Geographic and the Smithsonian Institute.

You can make a difference by donating to organizations like the WWFPanthera, the Wildlife Conservation Society and Big Cat Rescue. If you don’t have funds to give, donate your voice to raise awareness on Twitter (#TigerDay) and Facebook

Issues such as the plight of the tiger is what drove me to create Art on a Mission and to raise awareness of the importance of wildlife conservation and animal welfare. Tiny Toes Design donates 10% of proceeds to conservation and welfare efforts. Each and every purchase you make contributes to important causes, like preserving the majestic tiger. Why not take your own little tiger home today?

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