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Animal Art for an Adult Space

Animal Art for an Adult Space

March 13, 2017 0 Comments

Animal Art Gallery Wall in Living RoomAlthough many customers purchase my animal art for their nursery or growing baby boy or girl, I also have adult customers who are animal lovers looking for animal artwork for their home. Most recently, a local customer came to me to fill her den with some pieces. She wanted a large statement piece, and then four smaller pieces to surround the statement piece. As you can see in these photos, the room has a masculine vibe with dark leathers and dark frames...hardly a baby's room! I asked Molly to share some thoughts on how she came to decide on my artwork: 

How did you find "Tiny Toes Design by Brett Blumenthal"? 
I was in search of a rhinosauras print when I found Tiny Toes Design on Etsy. From there I went to the website. I was so impressed and my whole design plan changed.

What drew you to the artwork?
The realism of the artwork is what drew me. The obvious attention to detail made the artwork especially beautiful.

What made you choose the specific pieces you did?
The elephant has a very masculine energy. I knew I wanted that as the anchor piece. The baby animals softened the collage. Each animal has a special meaning in our family.

Where and how are you using the art?
These pieces are hanging in our family room. They are the first thing people will see when they enter our home.

Has anyone commented on the pieces?
There has been a lot of praise about the pieces so far. I didn't think my husband would care much either way but he has commented on them several times. Really getting his attention let me know I had chosen right.

Anything else you'd like to share?
There is a lot of heart behind each piece and it shows!!

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