Personalized Nursery Decor and Custom Animal Art

Framed Cheetah Animal PrintOver the last several months, I've had more and more requests for custom pieces and personalization by customers for their nursery decor or animal art. These personal requests have included everything from adding a name, quote or short story to a piece of nursery decor to creating an entire new piece of wildlife or animal art.

Although this can add a bit of extra work to my seemingly full plate, I really love when these custom requests occur. Here's why:

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  1. Personal Connection: Sending out my prints to a customer always feels great, but when I get a custom request, it makes me feel like I'm establishing a deeper connection with them. Customizing an order means working with a customer on a personal level and getting to know them beyond just the sale.
  2. Teamwork: I love learning what my customers want, and working together to make it happen is doubly rewarding! I look to my customers for guidance to get things just right for them, so it is a collaborative effort. Whether it be culling through a variety of photographs for inspiration, or as simple as choosing a color or a font, it is much more fun to get input from others and to know you're getting it just right for them. It makes it feel like a team effort!
  3. Exceeding Expectations: Although most of my customers come to me because they really love my animal art as it is, when I get to do something special, just for them, it makes them even more excited to have the nursery decor or animal art in their home. Going above and beyond what the customer wants and personalizing their piece makes me feel as though I filled a need that no one else could. How rewarding!
  4. Customer Research: Although I have my own passions and favorite animals, I love fulfilling custom requests because it gives me great insight into what my other customers might want. If I don't have something in my portfolio, and a customer wants it, they are benefiting others by requesting it!

Whether you are interested in a simple addition to a piece of nursery decor or you are looking for a whole new piece of animal art that doesn't currently exist, please let me know! It is so wonderful to have the chance to collaborate with clients and to create something special and unique for them!

Is there anything you have done to work with an artist to make your piece extra special? Share in the comments below!


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