Art on a Mission: Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife Conservation CardsWhen I considered selling my artwork, I had a vision that through it, I could help change the world for the better. Specifically, I wanted to help save species bordering on extinction, and to give a voice to animals in crisis or need.

I grew up with dogs from the day I was born, and later, cats in my teens. Animals were a huge part of my life and my emotional wellbeing, so much so, they were often my inspiration for my artwork as a child.

Today, I take so much pride and pleasure in creating pieces that try to convey the beauty of an animal. I enjoy creating imagery that captures their emotions, and in a sense, their aura and soul. I believe some of my best pieces are those where the eyes are so expressive that the rest of the painting could be erased, and you would still be moved through the eyes alone.

Now that I've gained some traction and am seeing sales grow, I'm ready to start voicing my passion and desire to make an impact through my art. It is my goal that by the end of this year, I can contribute 10% of my profits towards wildlife conservation and animal rights.

That said, I'm thrilled that I've just had my first chance to work with a non-profit I greatly admire. The Center for Biological Diversity does incredible work towards biological diversity and ensuring that we preserve and save the many species bordering on extinction. They chose three of my pieces to be the artwork on cards (butterfly portraitsea turtle family and polar bear family) they will be sending to a select group of donors. I couldn't be more honored or proud. Take a peek at the image above to see how they turned out.

Please know that ANY of my animal art can be made into greeting cards if you wish.

I look forward to working in this capacity and hope to do more through deeper partnerships with organizations such as the Center.

Know that every one of your purchases will go towards this cause!


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