Wildlife Watercolor - Portrait Series

As I've been working through various pieces of art, I have been inspired by a photographer - Sharon Montrose - who does photography portraits of animals. You may have seen some of her work in Restoration Hardware, but if you haven't seen her work, you can find it here: TheAnimalPrintShop.com

Portrait Baby Giraffe Animal PrintI think what I love the most is how simple her photography is, without any distracting backgrounds. The animals, lion, tiger, bear, etc. - are the only thing that you see, highlighting the details of each animal. So, I borrowed this approach in my newest series - Wildlife Portraits. I've had so much fun with these, as they've really allowed me to get up close and personal with my subjects. I've gotten more detailed with fine hairs, and the look in the eyes. I've found it to be extremely rewarding. Here is the first one I did - the baby giraffe.

I'm making this wildlife watercolor series available in three sizes, which I'm excited about, as well. 8.5x11, 11x14, 13x19 and 16x20.

Purchase the giraffe.

I'm going to start making an effort to share more about each piece I do. I like telling about my inspiration and my process. Steller Stories really allows for this kind of sharing in a cool visual format. Check out the story below!

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