Polar Bears and Penguins in Watercolor

There's something about penguins and polar bears I love. Maybe it is the fact that they live in a landscape I personally can't fathom (I'm not a cold-weather fan). Penguins are sweet creatures who value their family structure. And polar bears are majestic, awesome creatures who are unfortunately, on the brink of extinction.

And so, I've released two new pieces focused on the polar landscape: a watercolor of a family of penguins and a watercolor of a family of polar bears. Given my passion for wildlife conservation, I will be donating 10% of all proceeds from my Polar Bears towards efforts to help the polar bear.

I'm in the process of deciding which specific organization I want to donate to, and will be sharing that once the decision is made. Please find below, the family of penguins watercolor and family of polar bears watercolor. I've provided links to both on my shop so you can purchase if you'd like.

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