Instill Self-Confidence in Your Kids

Instill Self-Confidence in your KidsIn launching my newest series, I want to share a very deep and personal secret about myself. As much as I don't like to expose my darker side, I'm doing so because this "secret" is exactly what has inspired this new series. And, there may be a chance that my secret resonates a little with you. So, here it is: All my life, I've struggled with self-confidence.

Most people who know me are surprised to learn this, but it is true. Rarely is there a day when I don't go through some sort of self-doubt. It is hard to say where it all stems from, but I do know this: I'm not alone. Many of us go through most of our life grappling with this issue, and I think it is difficult to find someone who is so secure with themselves, that they never have a lapse in confidence.

Prior to starting Tiny Toes Design, I enjoyed several careers, but the most recent one was as a self-help writer, coach and speaker, guiding individuals on how to live their best life (ironic, I guess). If interested, you can find my work at As a speaker, I've addressed a wide range of audiences - big and small, domestic and global, consumer and corporate - and what I've come to find is that the topic of self-confidence consumes many of my audience members, particularly those of whom are parents. They worry their children aren't comfortable in their own skin and don't feel good about themselves. They worry about the effects of peer pressure. And, they worry their children may grow up with confidence issues. Inevitably, at the end of almost every speaking engagement, a parent comes up to me and asks, "How can you instill self-confidence in your kids?"

Over the years, I've come to realize that our childhood has a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves as adults. And so, what better time to lay the groundwork for healthy self-esteem, self-talk, and self-belief than during childhood?

If we can empower our children, they will become empowered adults. If we can inspire them to be themselves, and to swim upstream, no matter how challenging it might be, then they will grow up to be healthy-minded and confident. If we can instill the values necessary to help them feel good about themselves, no matter how "different" they may be, or how "unpopular" they may feel, then they may grow up to be secure in who they are.

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And so, with this in mind, I've created my Inspiration Series. Although this series can be appreciated by all ages, I have no doubt that those children ages 6 - 12 would benefit most. But what I love, is that this series isn't just about artwork. Here are the details:

  • Limited Editions: Unlike my other artwork, this series is a Limited Edition series, meaning there is a limited number of prints that will ever be made of each piece at three sizes: 13" x 19", 16" x 20" and 24" x 30."
  • Story: Each Limited Edition piece comes with a story that I've written, meant to teach a lesson to kids and inspire them to be true to themselves and to be the amazing individuals they are. Although each piece of artwork comes with its own story and unique lesson and message, it will connect to the other pieces and their stories in some way. When the series is complete, the whole series will tell a larger, magnificent story, with several key inspirational messages intertwined. The story will be printed on Fine-Art paper with a thumbnail of the artwork. It will be numbered, and will have my signature and date at the bottom.
  • Inspirational Quote: Each Limited Edition of the artwork comes with a quote that encapsulates the key message of the piece. It will serve as a reminder of the lesson of the story and a constant source of inspiration for your child.
  • Certificate of Authenticity: Each Limited Edition will come with a COA, certifying that it is an authentic limited edition.
  • Paper: All Limited Editions are archival giclee prints, printed on the highest quality fine art, watercolor paper with archival inks. This ensures your print will last for hundreds of years.
  • Open Editions: At this point, I'm torn about offering open editions at a smaller size than those listed above (11"x14"), that will not include the story, the quote or the certificate of authenticity. It would only be a print of the artwork. I grapple with this and would love your input (see below). My decision will be made this week.

I am so excited to share my first piece with you tomorrow, August 1st. You can look forward to a new release of the series once every two months at a bare minimum.

Now it is your turn: In the comments below, tell me your thoughts about this series. Do you grapple with instilling confidence in your children? Would this series be something you'd genuinely be interested in? And, would you prefer limited edition only being available, or limited edition and open edition?

Thanks so much, as always, for reading! Please be sure to share!



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