The One Time When We are Most Irresistible

The One Time When We are Most Irresistible

July 02, 2014

Sleeping Baby Duck Animal Art PrintWhen I was considering my newest collection for Tiny Toes Design nursery art, I was in the midst of putting my one year old down for a nap. He has recently taken to the habit of bringing a book with him to his crib for naptime and bedtime.

On this particular day, he chose Time for Bed by Mem Fox and Jane Dyer; a beautifully illustrated book which talks about various mother animals encouraging their little ones to go to bed. Each of the illustrations depict the animals so sweetly, they are absolutely precious.

As I laid my son down and watched him flip through the pages, it made me think about sleep and how as humans, we have an obsession with watching others sleep. As parents, we love watching our babies and children sleep, and as pet owners, we love watching our pets sleep. And, when we are in love, we can spend hours watching our loved ones sleep. It makes total sense: when we sleep, we are at great peace. We are content, tranquil, and exude a sense of calm, making us approachable and endearing. And babies? Whether animals or human, are the most irresistible during sleep.

It didn't take long for me to realize that the next collection had to be about sleep. And what is more adorable than a sleeping baby animal? And so, The Sleeping Beauties Collection was born. Personally, I love lions and so, the baby lion cub was the first animal art to be sketched for the collection. Soon thereafter, a duckling followed. Then a baby giraffe, a baby polar bear and a baby lamb.

Many more are in the works, I promise! But take a glimpse here at the collection as it stands today.

Today’s Tweetable: "Sleep: The one time when even the scariest of creatures and the greatest of giants seem innocent, endearing and irresistible." @brettblumenthal

Now, I’d love to hear from you! In the comments below, tell me when you think we are most irresistible as human beings? Do you agree that sleep creates a sense of approachability?

As always, thank you so much for reading! And please make sure to share with those you think might enjoy today’s post or the backstory of The Sleeping Beauties Collection!

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