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Introducing Silver’s Magic from the Inspiration Series

Silver's Magic

I’m so pleased to finally unveil the first piece in the Inspiration Series: “Silver’s Magic.” This is a beautiful illustration and watercolor of a unicorn running among a herd of wild mustangs. What I love about this series is that it…

Instill Self-Confidence in Your Kids

Instill Self-Confidence in Your Kids

In launching my newest series, I want to share a very deep and personal secret about myself. As much as I don’t like to expose my darker side, I’m doing so because this “secret” is exactly what has inspired this new series. And, there may be a chance that my secret…

Inspire Kids to Learn

Playroom Decor

As the summer winds down, the back-to-school season begins. As a little girl, I greeted this time of year with excitement and anticipation. As much as I enjoyed vacation and summertime, I also loved school, and the learning, friends and…

The One Time When We are Most Irresistible

Baby Duckling Animal Art Print

When I was considering my newest collection for Tiny Toes Design nursery art, I was in the midst of putting my one year old down for a nap. He has recently taken to the habit of bringing a book with…

How to Choose Nursery Art You’ll Love

Ocean Nursery Art

When I was pregnant, one of the things I took the greatest pleasure in was designing and decorating our nursery. Even though we didn’t know if we were having a boy or girl, we wanted animals to be part of…