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Art on a Mission: Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife Greeting Cards

When I considered selling my artwork, I had a vision that through it, I could help change the world for the better. Specifically, I wanted to help save species bordering on extinction, and to give a voice to animals in…

Beautiful Pet Portraits: 4 Requirements

Pet Portraits

At the end of 2014, I started selling pet portraits. What an incredibly rewarding, yet challenging piece of my business! In just one short month I did three different pieces, and each provided me with some fantastic lessons I want…

Wildlife Watercolor – Portrait Series

Giraffe Watercolor Portrait

As I’ve been working through various pieces of art, I have been inspired by a photographer – Sharon Montrose – who does photography portraits of animals. You may have seen some of her work in Restoration Hardware, but if you…

Watercolor Holiday Cards

Thanksgiving Card

As we approach the holiday season, I’ve decided to offer some of my prints as holiday cards. Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving is first in line with my baby squirrel sleeping in a nest of fall foliage. The colors are so vibrant. And,…

Wolf Awareness Week – October 12-18


This week is National Wolf Awareness Week. Every third week of October marks this celebration, and organizations around the country dedicate the week to informing people about wolves and their importance within the ecosystem and our planet. Ever since I…