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Animal Alphabet and Number Flash Cards

Animal Alphabet Flash Cards

My animal alphabet art and animal numbers have been so popular, that I’ve branched out to introduce Flash Cards. The flash cards are a wonderful gift for friends having babies, or as playroom art for older children. They can also…

Polar Bears and Penguins in Watercolor


There’s something about penguins and polar bears I love. Maybe it is the fact that they live in a landscape I personally can’t fathom (I’m not a cold-weather fan). Penguins are sweet creatures who value their family structure. And polar…

Introducing Silver’s Magic from the Inspiration Series

Silver's Magic

I’m so pleased to finally unveil the first piece in the Inspiration Series: “Silver’s Magic.” This is a beautiful illustration and watercolor of a unicorn running among a herd of wild mustangs. What I love about this series is that it…

Instill Self-Confidence in Your Kids

Instill Self-Confidence in Your Kids

In launching my newest series, I want to share a very deep and personal secret about myself. As much as I don’t like to expose my darker side, I’m doing so because this “secret” is exactly what has inspired this new series. And, there may be a chance that my secret…

Inspire Kids to Learn

Playroom Decor

As the summer winds down, the back-to-school season begins. As a little girl, I greeted this time of year with excitement and anticipation. As much as I enjoyed vacation and summertime, I also loved school, and the learning, friends and…